We should celebrate the ability of high oil prices and truly miraculous technology to bring us oil from under two miles of water and another five miles of rock in the Gulf of Mexico; from previously inaccessible deposits in the Arctic; and from low-grade resources like tar sands and tight oil shales. That technology will mean that we won’t literally run out of oil in the coming decades as depletion takes its toll. But we should not imagine that it will bring us energy independence or bring back the good ol’ days of $2 gasoline. What it will bring, eventually, is oil for Asia as the U.S. and Europe are forced to park their cars for good.

Ein Artikel von Chris Nelder über unkonventionelle Ölquellen, immer höhere Grenzkosten und einen nahen Tipping Point im Ölpreis, welcher weiteres Wirtschaftswachstum in den USA und Europa unmöglich macht. Erschienen auf SmartPlanet (18. April 2012).

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