"An oil executive once observed that burning oil for energy is like burning Picassos for heat. Oil is extraordinarily valuable as the basis for so many products we use every day that the thought of simply burning it ought to be unthinkable ... But, burning oil is always a one-time, irreversible act that leaves nothing of value behind and produces greenhouse gases and pollutants that harm us ... We have been experiencing a plateau in worldwide oil production since 2005 ... Only 5 percent of all oil is used to produce petrochemicals--chemicals which form the basis for the almost miraculous materials and substances that we now take for granted. By ceasing to burn the bulk of our oil to move goods and people, we could sustain the production of these products for a very long time ... It's hard to see why electrifying transportation would not be a good idea--so long as it is done with any eye toward increasing renewable energy production while reducing overall energy consumption in the transportation sector."

Ein Artikel von Kurt Cobb über die Verbrennung von Erdöl als unglaubliche Verschwendung jenes wichtigen Rohstoffs, Peak Oil und die Notwendigkeit der Elektrifizierung des Verkehrs ohne die Verbrennung fossiler Energieträger zur Stromerzeugung sowie  die generelle Reduktion des Energieverbrauchs. Erschienen auf Resource Insights (4. November 2012).