"So, Paris and London are pushing for further arming of Al-Qaeda and the legalization of oil trading with the jihadi terrorists. In plain language this means that the loose, terrorist network known to the world as Al-Qaeda [arabic for 'the database'] will soon become one of the EU’s partners in the oil business ... Therefore, the European Union’s decision to officially buy oil from terrorist gangs currently occupying territories in the Syrian Arab Republic constitutes a heinous crime and makes a further mockery of the basic principles governing the relations between states ... The quest for sources of cheap energy is one of the geopolitical contexts driving the war in Syria. Christof Lehmann has written that the discovery of the Iranian Pars gas field in 2007 and Teheran’s plan to pipe the gas to the Eastern Mediterranean by constructing a pipeline through Iraq and Syria holds the potential of turning Iran into a global economic power, giving Teheran enormous leverage over the EU’s Middle East policy ... It is no wonder ordinary people are incapable of seeing and understanding what is happening before their very eyes. The sheer scale and complexity of the global institutional networks built upon an empire of lies, self-righteousness and deceit is simply too overwhelming for the unschooled intellect to comprehend ... Little has changed since the days of Alexander the Great ... When one country is destroyed and reduced to despotic fiefdoms and emirates, Western corporations move in with their private military companies and proceed to pillage the country’s resources, unhindered by the rules and regulations of the Sovereign State. The terrorist hordes then move on to the next country on NATO’s hit list. This is NATO’s strategy of chaos, a form of liquid warfare ... Given the criminality of Western oil companies in the past, it is perhaps not entirely surprising that they would now, in the form of the EU, be openly buying oil from terrorist organizations. What is surprising, however, is the morbid insouciance of Europe’s populations."

Zum Artikel von Gearóid Ó Colmáin, erschienen auf Global Research (1. Mai 2013) »

Zum Artikel von Tony Cartalucci "EU Lifts Oil Embargo on Syria - Buys Directly from Al Qaeda", erschienen im Land Destroyer Report (2. Mai 2013) »

Anmerkung: Der kritische Beobachter könnte dazu verleitet werden, sich die Frage zu stellen, wie jener Schachzug der EU nicht als offensichtliche Terrorismusfinanzierung zum eigenen, kurzfristigen Nutzen verstanden werden könnte. Offenbar sind im Zeitalter von Peak Oil und "Extreme Energy" nun alle Mittel recht, um an den begehrten Stoff zu gelangen, auch wenn es bedeutet, sich über UN-Resolutionen hinwegzusetzen um sprichwörtlich weiteres Öl ins Feuer eines blutigen Bürger- bzw. Proxi-Kriegs zu gießen. Es scheint, als wäre die EU dazu bereit, den vorhersehbaren "Blowback" in Kauf zu nehmen - und zwar sowohl im "Kollateralschaden" weiterer, endloser Unruhen und Ressourcenkriege im Mittleren Osten, als auch im aktiven Torpedieren der allseits gepriesenen "Energiewende" zu Hause durch die Realpolitik des konstanten Ölflusses.