"Peak oil. It’s an abstract study of many interrelated, complex factors which cannot be seen firsthand ... If you’re one of those odd autodidactic birds who’s gone far out of your way to become literate in the subject, you’ll find yourself virtually alone with the knowledge, and most people you know will think you’ve lost your mind, your sense of humor, and your “optimism” ... Understanding the dense and difficult data about carbon emissions, the money we spend to protect our supply of imported oil, and the environmental catastrophes of mountaintop coal mining and tar sands production requires us to engage System 2 while most people around us aren’t thinking about those things at all. It creates painful cognitive dissonance."

Ein Artikel von Chris Nelder über die psychologischen Aspekte der Gesellschaftskonformität und des "Stammes- bzw. Herdenverhaltens" im Hinblick auf die Verweigerung der Öffentlichkeit im Umgang mit der Peak Oil-Thematik. Erschienen bei SmartPlanet (30. Mai 2012).

Quelle: Matthew Cieplak via Flickr, Creative Commons-Lizenz CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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