"Michael Ruppert has put up a very important question, he asked: is it really a hunt for bin Laden or is it a hunt for oil and gas? He has been very clear about his answer: the whole bin Laden thing is nonsense, it is actually and very clearly a hunt for oil and gas. And here within the ASPO network people know that oil and gas are in decline, and therefore I added this 9/11 debate, and some people were scared because of it and others thought that these are exactly the right questions to ask ... 9/11 and Peak Oil must be linked in a coherent geostrategic analysis ... That's why I think that we must talk about these issues openly so that people know that Peak Oil wars are going on, and if they know it I hope they will ask the logical question: what is Peak Oil?"

Ein Interviewreihe von Lars Schall, in der neben Dr. Robert Hirsch, Prof. Michael T. Klare, Dr. Karin Kneissl und Jeremy Gilbert auch Dr. Daniele Ganser [Präsident der ASPO Schweiz, Leiter des Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research in Basel] über den Zusammenhang der Attentate vom 11. September 2001, Peak Oil, Ressourcenkriege und Fiatgeld zu Wort kommt. Erschienen auf Asia Times, auf ASPO Deutschland mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Lars Schall veröffentlicht (20. Juli 2012). 

Anmerkung: der Artikel ist nun auch im Energy Bulletin mit folgender Bemerkung erschienen: "When this article pops up on my browser, there are ads from the CIA and the US State Department looking for employees."

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