"Take a neurotic Peak Oil-denying industrial civilization, put it through a terrible global financial crisis, tell it that economic growth is over forever, and what you get [is] a psychotic, delusional industrial civilization ... [P]ronouncements that the US is about to become energy-independent are of an entirely different nature. These are born of delusions of omnipotence which are very common in psychotic patients. Also, psychotic obsessions often have physical mutilation as their objective ... Is fracking, which is ineffectual in any practical sense, but causes ghastly environmental and financial damage, not just such a psychotic self-mutilation? ... The biggest illusion of all is called “The American Dream” ... If you thought that Peak Oil is about energy—think again. It may well turn out to be about delusion, resulting, personally, in ego-death and nationally—in psychotic tyranny."

Ein Artikel von Dmitry Orlov über Neurose und Psychose im Bezug auf die öffentliche Verneinung und Selbsttäuschung hinsichtlich des Peak Oils und dessen Konsequenzen für den gesellschaftlichen Zsammenhalt. Erschienen auf ClubOrlov (10. Juli 2012).