"Oil is the most important artifact in an industrial society. When things go wrong having to do with oil, that very possibly spells the end of the industrial experiment for a while ... The Soviet Union was an oil-exporter, the United States is an oil-importer. So the Soviet Union was destroyed by low oil prices, the United States is going to be destroyed by high oil prices ... This is the only financial system that this country will ever have. Once this one falls down, that will be it."

Ein Podcast [ab Minute 3:13] mit Dmitry Orlov über Peak Oil, Kollaps, den Zusammenbruch des globalen Finanz- und Handelssystems, Hungersnöten und Selbstmorden, den Vergleich des Zusammenbruchs der Sovjetunion zum kommenden Zusammenbruch der USA, Korruption und Schwarzmärkte, Mafia-Economics,  Resilienz, FlexibilitätLiving-Off-the-Grid und Familienzusammenhalt. Erschienen auf Extraenvironmentalist (14. September 2012).