"China is now finding itself in the same predicament, where it's becoming dependent on the very same  suppliers in Africa and the Middle East than the United States, France and Britain have in the past ... China does have a policy called the "go out policy" to try to aquire equity-stakes in foreign resource corporations and resource enterprises around the world and they are pursuing this very aggressively. But they do this following the model set by the western companies ... The supply of resources is not expanding rapidly enough to satisfy the needs of China and India, the United States and Europe and Japan. So this is gonna be a constant problem ... Most of the easy sources of supply now have been depleted, and what's left is much more difficult to extract, like deep offshore or arctic resources. And these are much more expensive to produce and more difficult and more contested. So for China and everybody else, this is gonna be an increasing headache."

Ein Podcast mit Prof. Michael T. Klare über Chinas Abhängigkeit vom Ressourcenimport, unbequeme Partnerschaften mit zum Teil diktatorischen Ressourcenproduzenten bei gleichzeitigen und widersprüchlichen PR-Bemühungen, nicht als imperiale Supermacht aufzutreten sowie die Gefahr einer Zunahme künftiger Ressourcenkriege im Hinblick auf die allgemeine Verknappung einfach zu erschließender Rohstoffe. Erschienen in der englischen Web-Ausgabe von Le Monde Diplomatique (September 2012).