"Gasoline has seen a reduction of 18.2% in consumption while diesel fuel has seen a 15.6% reduction, both with respect to September 2011 ... the sales of new cars have shown a contraction of 25.5% with respect to Sep 2011 ... I don't know if you like to define that "decline" or, simply, "collapse". Surely, something bad is going on with Italy and the measures that the government is taking against financial collapse look more and more like the attempt of curing a cough by strangling the patient ... Traffic is normal everywhere ... And yet, there are ominous signs all over that "something" is going to happen."

Ein Kommentar von Prof. Ugo Bardi [Präsident der ASPO Italien] über einen Artikel im Blog "Mondo Elettrico" von Massimo de Carlo über neue Zahlen der italienischen Erdölunion zum rezessionsbedingten Rückgang aktueller Treibstoff- und Autoverkäufe. Erschienen auf Cassandra's Legacy (15. Oktober 2012).