"Something is rotten in the State of Montana and it smells like moldy shale ... Montana production of oil is down 38% from its 2006 peak of more than 100,000 barrels per day ... decline “contradicts the industry canard that shale oil production growth is seemingly limitless ... There are 200 modern Bakken horizontal wells that are now strippers. In six years there will be 4,000 Bakken horizontal wells that are strippers ... one quarter of the expected volume of a Bakken well will be delivered during its time as a stripper and, in that time, the price of oil must exceed the operating costs of these old wells ... While U.S. oil production will grow over the next few years with the Bakken and Eagle Ford becoming million-barrels-a-day fields, the world will not find itself awash in oil."

Ein Artikel von Yadullah Hussain mit Zitaten von Bernstein Research-Analyst Bob Brackett über hohe Tight Oil-Förderabfallraten in der unkonventionellen Bakken-Formation des US-Bundesstaats Montana. Erschienen in der Financial Post (10. August 2012).