"The more radical implications of guerrilla gardening is that it calls into question the land use of today’s modern world ... When common, everyday people lose access to land, they become enslaved and dependent upon the industrial machine that is destroying human culture and the land base that supports all of us ... Guerrilla Forest Garden is not just a way to grow food, it is also a healing process and an act of nonviolent civil disobedience ... How much of that land, assuming that it is not harboring a toxic waste dump, storing munitions for imperialistic resource wars, or some other use that is mistaken for human “Progress”, could be planted with woody, food producing perennials? ... How much of that land are we going to need to help feed us once Peak Oil and energy descent make industrial agriculture a thing of the past? The easy answer – almost all of it!"

Zum Artikel von Andy Russell, erschienen auf Autornomy Acres (30. März 2013) »