In der Serie "Straußenpolitik" möchten wir unseren Lesern eine Auswahl an Artikeln vorstellen, in denen versucht wird, Peak Oil zu leugnen, ins Lächerliche zu ziehen oder Technologien als Lösung des Grundproblems finiter Ressourcen darzustellen.

"This theory was introduced in the US after the oil embargo in early 70s by some bankers stating that when 1/2 of the oil reserves in any field is produced, the production will follow steep decline. This concept is based on a probability theory that is not linked to any scientific facts or physical laws that govern oil production in oil reservoirs ... As we all know, the Saudi oil reserves are maintained for long time at a figure close to 260 billion barrels which makes the current age of the Saudi oil to more than 70 years at a production rate of 10 million barrel per day ... The advocators of this false theory said that the world will reach the Peak Oil in the 80s, then this was changed to the 90s, 2000, 2010, and now in 2025!!!! Although scientifically and historically the basic of this theory was proved to be wrong, its estimate of the time at which the world will reach the Peak has been a moving target."

Zum Artikel von Dr. Sami Al-Nuaim, erschienen in der Saudi Gazette (20. April 2013) »