"World supplies are finite. Major powers scramble for as much as they can control. Oil is especially valued. No one’s sure how much is left. America, China, Russia and other major nations want control over as much as possible. They’re going all out to get it. Middle East countries have over half the world’s proved oil reserves. Saudi Arabia’s amount is second only to Venezuela’s. In the 1940s, the State Department called access to Middle East oil a 'stupendous source of strategic power, and one of the greatest material prizes in world history' ... Candidate Obama promised peace in our time. President Obama wages one war after another. He’s got new targets in mind. He wants unchallenged global dominance. He wants control over world resources. Energy matters most. They’re a strategic source of world power ... Peace is a convenient illusion. Wars rage for resource control. Demand keeps growing. Available supplies shrink. Exploration and drilling intensify. So does competition to control what’s left. According to [Prof. Michael T.] Klare, 'easy-resource world' availability no longer exists. 'Hard-resource world' reality reflects today’s conditions. Existing oil wells produce diminishing amounts. Once productive sources became stingy ... Klare believes key resources peaked ... The fullness of time will tell. At the same time, hydrocarbons are finite. Some day peak oil and gas proponents will be right ... The race to locate and produce hydrocarbons pollutes ... Today’s great game reflects a scramble to secure them. Previously inaccessible or unprofitable areas are targeted. They include deep ocean sites, remote African regions, northern Siberia and Arctic locations ... Russia is estimated to hold over half of total Arctic resources. USGS calls what it controls 'the big prize' ... Nations always competed for available resources, notes Klare. Today they do so more aggressively ... Old ways are hard to change. Klare and other observers don’t expect resource wars to end ... Nations that live by the sword use it. America’s addicted to war. It’s been that way from inception. It believes war is peace. It’s part of the national culture. It’s self-destructive. It risks mass annihilation. It doesn’t matter. Global dominance and resource control count more."

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