"When Obama was elected president, he said that his aim was to end all wars. But during the time of his presidency, the number of wars only increased. Look at Libya for instance: the US organized an outrageous military intervention that was followed by the killing of the country's president. And after that, Libya's oil wealths have fallen under their control. They finance rebels that fight against the rulers that don't support imperialism & capitalism. On top of that, they run a worldwide surveillance-network. We need to establish a court where world powers & international human rights organizations take the role of judges. We need to file a collective lawsuit aimed at putting an end to this genocide. I think that the threat exists for any country with vast energy resources, especially oil & gas. I understand that this is a direct threat to Venezuela. In order to secure energy resources for his own country, Obama will invade any other country. But he is not the leader of the world."

Zum Interview des bolivianischen Präsidenten Evo Morales, erschienen auf RT (27. September 2013) »