"In 2004 the agency predicted, for example that Saudi oil production would reach 22-million barrels by 2025 -- an overestimation that defied geology: now IEA forecasts that Saudi production will sit at 11-million barrels by 2025.) EIA's attitude seems to be that 'you should rely on us because we are telling you the truth, and governments around the world trust the IEA ... Nor can unconventional resources reverse some ugly geological truths: extreme hydrocarbons cost more money, burn more energy and take more time to develop. Even with the best of luck, U.S. oil production in 2020 (10 million barrels a day) won't surpass projected Saudi figures (10.8 million barrels a day). So a temporary oil boom based on hydrocarbons as extreme as bitumen and shale gas won't turn America into a new Saudi Arabia or deliver energy independence ... I find it very hard to understand how IEA can smile and say 'Don't worry, be happy'."

Zum Artikel von Prof. Kjell Aleklett, erschienen in The Tyree (20. März 2013) »