"Chesapeake Energy (CHK) claims average EUR’s for the Marcellus at 4.2 Bcf. Range Resources (RRC) has claimed average EUR’s as high as 5.7 Bcf in investor presentations. According to the USGS, however, the average EUR for the Marcellus turns out to be about 1.1 Bcf. This is obviously problematic on many levels not least of which is the fact that these companies can borrow money based on EUR expectations and claims. If they have overstated EUR’s, then monies may have been borrowed on assets that either simply don’t exist or are not commercially viable ... Based on production data filed with the Texas Railroad Commission about 94% of all wells in the Barnett are underperforming their type curves ... To put into perspective how ridiculous Chesapeake’s claims of 2.6 Bcf is, consider the following: of the company’s 742 operated wells completed on the Fayetteville, only 66 have produced more than one Bcf and none have produced more than 1.7 Bcf. Chesapeake’s average Fayetteville well has produced only 541 Mcf."

Ein Artikel von Deborah Rogers über die weit übertriebenen Ausbeutefaktoren seitens der Produzenten für Erdgas aus dichten Tongesteinen sowie der enttäuschenden Förderraten zahlreicher Einzelbohrungen. Erschienen im Energy Policy Forum  (2. September 2012).