"We get answers that don't answer, we get explanations that don't explain and we get conclusions that don't conclude ... The collapse of human industrial civilization is well underway, it's not coming back. The short version is 'infinite growth on a finite planet is not possible'. It has to do with energy. Peak oil [has been] totally ignored. They are trying to sell us stuff about recovery. Nobody believes it ... It's been well know, well predicted and now very much confirmed that global oil production was going to peak. And it did [in] late of 2005 ... There's no other cheap energy replacement to replace oil, and all of this nonsense about shale oil is a lie ... Money has no power to do anything, printed money, the dollar. You can't eat it, you can't put it [in your reservoir]. It's a symbol. Money represents the ability to do work, but energy is the ability to do work ... Obviously, we have a serious problem that we're not dealing with, the media is ignoring that."

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