"One of the best energy forecast ever given was by Dr. M. King Hubbert in 1956 when he predicted when petroleum production would peak in the lower U.S. ... The closing of research facilities by the oil industry and the limited income and capacity of the refineries demonstrate[s] that the oil companies could see that oil was running out and their investment [will] not be recovered ... A number of energy scientists predict that world oil will peak in the near future, with Saudi Arabia peaking now ... There [are] no more major reserve fields to be found and the declining discoveries of small fields [is] continuing. Peaking in energy terms means that once we have received a peak, further growth in supplies is over. This does not mean that we are running out of oil, just reaching the maximum production. ... The method by Dr. Hubbert had proven to be the most important of all projections. [Given] the increase in world population, recognizing [the] importance in the energy problem [is crucial] ... If the world ran short of oil and gas, the future could be quite ugly."

Zur Zusammenfassung des Workshops vom U.S. Department of Defense, gehalten an der National Defense University (17. Dezember 2002) »

Anmerkung: An dieser Stelle sollte bemerkt werden, dass jener erste Workshop an der National Defense University über die Versorgungslage nicht-erneuerbarer Energien für die US-Streitkräfte nur Monate vor dem zweiten Golfkrieg stattfand, und darin der Peak Oil ein zentrales und folgenschweres Thema darstellte.