"Tel Aviv is close to completing a geological survey of the occupied Golan Heights, where commercial deposits have been discovered. Up to 10 major drilling rigs could soon be pumping oil from the Syrian territory. Israeli media are reporting that the American oil company Genie Energy has completed a major geological survey in the southern part of the Golan Heights and results are expected within a few weeks. The reports say drilling could start as soon as the survey is analyzed, pointing out that extracting oil in this area will be much easier and cheaper than it is in the Mediterranean, where oil and gas lie as deep as five kilometers below the sea level ... Some commentators did raise the issue of the Golan Heights being occupied land, making any such activity as extracting oil a violation of international law. However, Genie’s Israeli manager, a former minister, is quoted as saying that he does not expect any international pressure on this matter, particularly from Syria, which is embroiled in an internal war."

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