"Population die-off is inevitable because there are are 10 calories of fossil fuel energy in every calorie of food on the planet. Now we have 6 billion people on the planet that weren't here before we discovered oil and natural gas ... There is no recovery to anything that we knew as a normal for us. Now we have to find new normals and adapt to those ... Our pursuit of intinite growth on a finite planet is opening or has opened Pantora's box .... It has to stop ... We are a civilization that has gotten drunk on cheap abundant energy which is disappearing rapidly. Planet earth has passed peak oil in late 2005, that's conventional oil. All these things called oil now like tar sands, which is bitumen, shale oil, which is kerogen, none of these provide the energy return for energy investment. They are extremely destructive for the environment. They are not oil and yet we chase those. That's the same issue with fracking which provides us so-called 'cheap and abundant' natural gas, which is absolutely ridiculous when our tap water catches on fire, it causes earthquakes and sets loose radiation and it poisons it ... If we don't save our ecosystem, our habitat, there's no hope for anything in the future. It's not just extreme short-sightedness, this I would call evil in a broader, philosophical sense ... There is a mass awakening happening right now. We must not believe that we are helpless victims, we must act as if we make a difference now because the only alternative is to lay down, give up and die. And I'm not like that."

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