"I think most of the real news fall under 3 categories. Obedience at home which is what is required to maintain an empire in decline. The prolls, the citizens must be obedient to the people pulling the levers in industry. We must have oppression abroad and you can see that everywhere you turn. You see the US Military occupy 35 countries in Africa, that they admit to, according to Africom. You see the battle for oil which is ongoing and accelerating. It has been ongoing since at least World War II. All wars are resource wars. So these are 2 of the 3 elements that are necessary to maintain an empire in decline: obedience at home for almost all of us, oppression abroad - and wholesale destruction of the living planet. So by wholesale destruction, I'm talking about converting every aspect of the living planet into 'recources' for humanity to exploit. So we're drilling for oil and we're drilling for gas, we're sucking the rare earths out of the ground and essentially destroying a couple of 100 species a day, driving them to extinction, so that we can maintain that sort of living arrangements a little bit longer."

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