"Some National Societies also report the rise of a group of people living above the poverty line but still having difficulties to make ends meet (termed as ‘working poor’), who are becoming more vulnerable because of fiscal erosion – inflation rate (especially energy prices) rising more than salaries – or having jobs with no social security. Many of these people turn to the Red Cross Red Crescent occasionally or at the end of the month, facing the dilemma of buying food or paying bills, with the risk of being cut off if they do not or evicted if unable to pay rent or mortgage ... This fiscal erosion is causing serious challenges for many people. Commodity prices are increasing more than salaries, especially for food and energy. In Spain, energy prices rose by a whopping 50 per cent in the past years ... 'People who are affected are referred to us by authorities, but more and more we see unemployed or retired people, as well as students who cannot manage – especially with the high cost of energy – coming directly to us to ask for help. We are also contacted by single mothers, women who have work but do not earn enough to pay for food and other costs for the entiremonth,' says Nancy Ferroni from the Belgian Red Cross."

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