"Dollar hegemony, that's precisely what we got. The Petrodollar, the deal between the Saudis and the US going way, way back was: 'we keep you in power' say the US, 'we buy your dollar debt' say the Saudis ... Basically, energy is neutral ... When Khomeini was in power from 1979 to 1993, what were the Iranians doing? They were selling their oil the Israel via Marc Rich. I'm saying, actually, that energy transcends all ideology. That has been the case and I think in the future, there is a solution to be found to the current problems by - let's call it - energy cooperation. Even the lions and the gazelles, when they get out of the waterhole, they don't kill each other at the waterpoint. For me, energy is the modern waterhole ... In my view, gas is the new oil ... I'm saying a currency needs a backing. Gold is one backing, I believe energy is another ... I advocate a gas currency, I think that will be the global currency of the future ... Basically carbon fuel currency, because that cannot inflate in price, that is backed by the intrinsic value of energy."

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