"Energy abundance depends entirely on the RATE of energy flow ... Why is the rate of flow the key metric? Because in order to function the global economy depends entirely on continuous, high-quality energy inputs ... Modern global society has become like a shark. It either keeps barreling forward or it dies ... Shale natural gas and tight oil drillers face a task similar to climbing up a down escalator. Each must replace enormous fractions of their current production frequently just to keep production flat. A path to persistently rising global production of oil and gas far into the future cannot be built on production from such fields ... But, attempts to extract natural gas from methane hydrates should more properly be compared to the search for methods to extract oil profitably from the vast oil shale deposits in the western United States. After more than a century of trying, no one has been able to produce oil commercially from these deposits ... How high must prices go before extraction of either will be profitable? So far, the answer is higher than what people will pay and therefore what the economy can stand. And, at what rate will we be able to get these resources out? Rate is the crucial question."

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